Welcome, and thanks for dropping by!

I am Foreverapril, and I tell stories. But I am too self-conscious a storyteller to ever be able to perform in public—besides, I'm not too hyped about rotten tomatoes flying my way—so I communicate through my interactive stories instead.

The format of presentation is inspired by the visual novel genre, originating from Japan. Basically, a visual novel is something you read like a book and play like a videogame at the same time. But I am not particularly interested in reproducing all the genre conventions found in most visual novels, so if you are looking for anime cuteness, high school dramedies, and fan service, please look elsewhere.

It is much more difficult to describe what you can find here (other than "stories I end up making"), but my stories are pretty short, so I suggest you see for yourself instead.

Actually, only one of my stories has been translated into English at the moment. It's called Rat Happening, and you can check it out here. You are also are very welcome to contact me at me@foreverapril.